Icy-Spicy Watermelon Slushies

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Freezing your watermelon in cubes instead of using ice cubes is summer drink brilliance. It actually tastes like watermelon because you haven’t diluted it!

Ingredients (4-6 servings)
8 oz vomFASS 7-Pepper Vodka
8 cups frozen watermelon (1-inch cubes, (from about 4 pounds with rind on)
¾ cup fresh lime juice, plus wedges for serving
¼ cup simple syrup, or to taste (watermelons vary in sweetness)
Leaves from 2 to 3 sprigs of fresh mint, plus extra for garnish
Two splashes of seltzer (optional)

Spread watermelon cubes on a tray lined with plastic wrap or parchment (for easiest removal) and chill in freezer until frozen.
Place frozen watermelon cubes, lime juice, simple syrup and rum in blender and blend until thick but smooth.
Add mint and pulse a few more times, so that is chopped but not puréed.

Serve into glasses directly or, if you are prepping for future use, put into gallon freezer bag and store in freezer.
To serve from freezer, gently massage freezer bag for 30 seconds and then squeeze or scoop into serving glasses.
Top with seltzer if you wish and finish with lime wedges.
Serve with straw or spoon.
Put unserved portions back in the freezer.

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