Frosty Fun in the Summer Sun

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Sip Slushies all Summer

Ah, memories of summertime popsicles are truly special! They evoke a sense of nostalgia and joy, and remind us of carefree days and the simple pleasures in life. As adults, we can add an extra element of relaxation by taking the flavors of popsicles up a notch to spike the flavor of freshly frozen fruits using smooth  vomFASS Premium Vodkas, organic Tequilas, fine wines, fruit and floral liqueurs in delicious frozen cocktails!

Skip the sugary pre-made mixers by using frozen fruits. Whether you have some extra fruit harvest you want to do something new with or you get your berries already frozen, these cocktails are a great way to have lower-sugar frosty drinks ready all summer long. 

Blend, Freeze and Go!

Remember the excitement of running after the ice cream truck or hearing the popsicle cart approaching your neighborhood? The moments of picking out your favorite flavor and enjoying it with friends or siblings are etched in our minds and are easily re-created by making up a variety of slushies in zippered freezer bags and pulling them out for your next group gathering, picnic in the park, or backyard barbecue.

See the four (4!!!) recipes below. Each sip reveals a burst of flavor that brings a smile to your face when you use natural frozen fruit, flavorful liqueurs and premium spirits. Make them a part of your outdoor adventures and fun-filled summer days

What keeps slushies slushy?

The alcohol, fruit and sugar in a slushie cocktail keep the ice crystals from freezing together like a hard ice cube. To freeze, these components require a temperature lower than the 32F it takes to freeze water. This colder temperature means it takes more time for the ice in the slushie to melt.

Also, the slushy consistency actually helps slow the heat flow, since it slows the water circulation through the mixture. Less importantly, as the ice starts to melt, it dilutes the sugar in the liquid. The more dilute the sugar gets, the higher the melting temperature of the ice goes which also helps keep the ice from melting more quickly.

How to keep a slushy frozen longer in a cooler

If you’re taking an adult slushie bar to a gathering away from home, use a cooler and layer your bags of frozen slushies between larger bags of salted ice. (Put 12-16 cups of ice cubes and ¾ - 1 cup of salt in each 2-gallon-size zipped freezer bag.)

When salt is added to ice it lowers the freezing point, making the salty/icy mixture colder than ice alone. If you have a thermometer, you can verify this fact. Pure water freezes at 32°F, but when salt is added to ice the mixture gets down to around 0°F. This is cold enough to keep your slushies from melting for hours!

Creating Cool Memories

On hot summer days, slushy adult cocktails are the ultimate treat for keeping your cool. The feeling of a sipping a slushy and enjoying the icy goodness as it melts on your tongue is pure bliss. Whether it's a fruity flavor, or a tangy twist, slushies provide instant refreshment and relief from the heat of summer.

Ignite your imagination and culinary curiosity as you experiment with different vomFASS liquors and liqueur flavors, using different fruits and juices. Add another layer of enjoyment as you customize your own slushy cocktails and share your creativity with loved ones!

Strawberry Lemonade Slushies


Icey-Spicy Watermelon Slushies

Frozen Blueberry Margaritas

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