Berry Beautiful Sunrise

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Ingredients (4 servings)
1½ oz vomFASS Tequila Blanco
½ oz vomFASS Orange Liqueur
½ oz vomFASS Tangerine Liqueur
½ cup orange juice
½ oz lime juice, fresh squeezed
¾ oz FassMix Raspberry Shrub
Fresh Raspberries
Orange Slice

Add vomFASS Tequila Blanco, orange and tangerine liqueurs, lime juice and orange juice to a shaker with ¼ cup of ice.
Shake for 5 seconds.
Fill a drinking glass with ice, then add tequila and juice mixture to glass.
Turn spoon bottom side up and slowly pour FassMix Raspberry shrub into drinking glass over juice mixture. 
Add raspberries and orange for garnish and serve.

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