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First Spirit of the Americas
Tequila is the perfect libation for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, barbecues, and warmer weather parties. With its very long history, Tequila should be the considered the First Spirit of the Americas. The fermented juices of agave were drunk by the Aztecs, and before them - over 3000 years ago - by the Olmec peoples. Over 500 years ago, the Spaniards came, began distilling the fermented agave (also known as pulque), and gave rise to the modern-day spirits known as mezcals and tequilas. “Mezcal” is a broad-based term used for all spirits, including tequilas, distilled from fermented agave. The first large-scale distillery was built in what is now Tequila, Jalisco.
Protected by Mexico
The quality of tequilas is the most tightly regulated of the mezcal products. Tequila distillers have a stringent set of rules they must abide by. Those include ensuring that each bottle is made in the proper location, from the correct ingredients, and that reposado and añejo versions are aged for just the right amount of time. Today there are over 100 distillers making over 2000 mezcals. While every tequila is a mezcal, not every mezcal is a tequila.
Some Tequilas are Better than the Rest…
How do you improve on a 3000-year tradition with a 500-year history of distillation…?
It begins by using an innovative organic protocol to grow the healthiest Weber Blue Agave yielding the largest agave “piñas” with the highest sugar content. Starting with such high-quality agave was only the first step in creating  an organic protocol to produce an authentic organic tequila. Using traditional stone ovens, the agave is slowly cooked to gently caramelize its sugars. The cooked agaves are then shredded and mashed to separate the juice from the fiber. The juice is fermented for 7 days with organic yeast before it is sent to pot stills where it undergoes not one, but two rounds of small batch distillation. This assures a very smooth tequila with as much of the naturally bright agave flavor as possible.
Stewards of the Land
Not all organic tequilas are created the same way. These tequilas are 100% USDA-certified organic. Not only are organic methods and ingredients utilized, but as much green matter as possible is composted after each harvest. Leaving the agave leaves on the soil acts as a natural mulch, which is then tilled into the soil to reintroduce the organic material to the soil and enhance its natural biological activity and the health of subsequent crops with each harvest.
Sharing the Wealth

While doing all of this, add a big dollop of social conscientiousness by transferring this  knowledge to your neighbors so their crops and, by extension, their families and communities, can benefit.

vomFASS Madison is beyond pleased to work with such a conscientious producer to provide our customers with these clean, smooth, multi-award winning, delicious, and organic tequila expressions for your drinking pleasure.

B right flavors of floral and agave followed by moderate notes of fruit and great authentic quality makes this small batch, craft-distilled organic tequila unique. It has a wonderful initial taste of cooked agave with floral notes and a hint of citrus zest. The varied fruity, floral and spice notes of vomFASS Tequila Blanco make it the perfect base for many cocktails from tropical margaritas (try our Pink Grapefruit Liqueur with Tequila Blanco over ice for a super-simple Paloma) to cocktails that play up floral essences like our LavendeRita
combination of agave with oak and brown sugar/molasses on the nose and palate with a medium finish – which lingers with a touch of chocolate – give this tequila high marks. Its well-rounded caramel, spice and fruit notes are delicious to sip, and also make it a great base for many cocktails, from  the Berry Beautiful Sunrise to spins on Manhattans, upscale Margaritas, sours, and Old-Fashioned cocktails.
Aged in American oak for just shy of three years, this tequila is best enjoyed as a sipping tequila in a cognac snifter, to savor all the aromas and flavors of cashew, caramel, fruit, mild vanilla, brown sugar and more. This aged tequila has a long, full-bodied, flavorful finish.

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