Cadillac Margarita

Posted by Alayne Gardner-Carimi on

Ingredients (makes 1)
2 oz vomFASS Tequila Reposado
1  oz vomFASS Orange Liqueur
1 oz fresh lime juice
¾ oz agave nectar
Coarse sea salt for the rim
Rub a rim of the glass with a lime wedge to get some juice onto it and dip it into the salt. Set aside.
Cut the lime in half and use a lime press to squeeze fresh juice out.
Add some ice to the cocktail shaker and add vomFASS Tequila Reposado, vomFASS Orange Liqueur, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar. 
Close the shaker and vigorously shake for about 20 seconds. 
Add some ice to the glass, carefully so not to knock off the salt off the rim. 
Pour in the margarita into the glass through the strainer.

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