Mother's Broth

Posted by Alayne Gardner-Carimi on

Water, cool or room temperature
Miscellaneous vegetable trimmings from:
Carrots potatoes or other Root Vegetables
Onion and Garlic
2 bay leaves
15 whole peppercorns

Put the vegetable trimmings in a stock pot and cover with cool water.
Add the herbs, spices.
Let the stock simmer (do not boil).
Stir the stock occasionally.
After an hour or two, the stock is done.
Strain vegetables and spices from broth.
Refrigerate or freeze after cooling.
Note: For a more robust version, put vegetable scraps on cookie sheet, drizzle with vomFASS Garlic Herb Oil, and roast in 425F oven for 30 minutes before placing in stock pot and covering with cool water. The caramelization of the vegetables will add a richness to the broth.

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