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The gift of a unique or favorite wine is always appropriate, even more so during this season of celebrations. Whether you are enjoying Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, or the winter solstice, a good wine can make the celebrations even better. At vomFASS Madison, we take the guess work out of choosing great wines for any occasion. Our collection of fine wines is thoughtfully curated to spread maximum joy. We have specially selected wines for tastings available daily.
Holidays bring people together to celebrate with family, friends, and communities. A well-chosen red or white wine is a good thing to have on hand for your holiday visitors, and is a thoughtful gift to bring to a celebration. Or let your friends and family choose their own, with a gift card from vomFASS Madison. Our Gift Card special is still available online and at the store.
Wine Gems from Far and Near
Croatian Wines
The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia has been described as the Napa of Europe. However, these delicious wines are not easy to find in the US market. Allow us to transport you! Croatia is home to numerous indigenous grape varieties that are not found in other wine-producing regions. These unique grapes contribute to the distinctiveness of Croatian wines. Dalmatia, in particular, is known for producing high-quality red wines like Plavac Mali and the flavorful white Pošips.
If you’ve traveled to Croatia, you know its tradition of winemaking is deeply rooted in the culture, and many winemakers take pride in preserving and continuing these ancient practices. Many wineries are family-owned and operated, passing down knowledge and techniques from generation to generation. The family vineyards are small and much of the wine production stays in its local market. Fortunately, in recent years, several Croatian winemakers have invested in modern viticultural and winemaking techniques, resulting in award winning wines competitive on the international stage. We are proud to be among the very few who carry Black Dalmatian and Posh from the picturesque Saints Hills Winery, located on the Pelijšac Peninsula on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.
Wisconsin Wines
Did you know that the Wisconsin Ledge is Wisconsin’s own defined viticulture area? Yep, it’s part of the Niagara Escarpment. Boost your cocktail conversation IQ...check out where it's located, why it is good for wine growing and other handy Trivia below.
Ledge Trivia
The Wisconsin Ledge AVA, established in 2012, is located along the Niagara Escarpment, a prominent rock ridge that spans more than 650 miles in a crescent across the Great Lakes region. The Escarpment shapes the ancient “backbone” of North America: It creates Niagara Falls in New York, influences the vineyards of Ontario and forms the foundation of the Door Peninsula.
The first outcropping of the Niagara Escarpment can be seen in Southern Waukesha County at “Brady’s Rocks” along the Ice Age Trail in Southern Kettle Moraine State Park. The Escarpment extends 230 miles in Wisconsin and hosts more than 241 rare species including the Dwarf Lake Iris, Hines Emerald dragonfly, and cedar trees more than 1,000 years old.
Many Ledge vineyards lie on eastern-facing slopes on glacial soils of gravel, sand and clay atop limestone bedrock. An aquifer below the AVA provides mineral-rich ground water to the vines, encouraging deep root growth. As warm air rises from Lake Michigan, it simultaneously sucks cold air from the land. Thanks to this constant flow of air, grapes don’t have to go through rapid changes during the growing season. The temperature is moderated by lakes and rivers and the growing season is longer.
During the last three months of the year and into spring, temperatures are, on average, 10 degrees warmer than other areas just 60 miles from the Ledge. This means grapes enjoy a longer hang time into the fall season thanks to the constant flow of warm air. This warmth is huge for cool-climate, highly acidic French and American hybrid grapes grown in this area. Specifically bred to last throughout the cold winters of the region, these grapes include Maréchal Foch, St. Croix, Petite Pearl and Niagara. (Rynning, C. L., Wine Enthusiast, 12/23)
Born on the Ledge, Parallel 44 Winery shares the same latitude as some world-famous wine regions…like Bordeux, and Tuscany (and includes Croatia!). These well-made wines can only be found at their wineries or vomFASS Madison.
If you are looking for an uncommonly good local wine that you can’t find just anywhere, come on in. We have the Petite Pearl and Petite Rosé (so named for the cold hardy grape variety they come from), as well as Red Door and sweet White Frosting.
Double Up on Bubbles
Remember to have some sparkling wines or Champagne on hand also. They are a festive way to start every get-together. Nothing says “Celebrate!” like popping the cork and pouring some effervescence throughout the holiday season! We have traditional Champagne as well as delicious sparkling wines from France, Spain, and California for your celebrations. We invite you to come in and discover your favorite sparkler to brighten these shorter days. 
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