The Sirens' Call of Savings

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The Friday after Thanksgiving is anticipated by many as the greatest opportunity to save money while shopping for the upcoming gifting season. We have some mad-savings for you, when you shop locally at vomFASS Madison  Perhaps the greatest of these is the savings of time (although the others are pretty great, too). You can find something for everyone in our tasting room. 

Our oils and vinegars can help good meals become great. Choose from our large selection of sparkling specialty bottles to make your gourmet gift even more alluring. Want to give the gift of travel without leaving home? We invite you to tour our excellent whiskies from around the world — they hail from America, Scotland, Ireland, India, Japan, and Sweden. Organic craft-distilled Tequilas, from Blanco to the incredible sipping Añejo, can make any gathering a fiesta to be remembered. Our beautiful array of liqueurs pulls double duty as distinctive tipplers  by themselves or gracing the palate as part of cocktails, to be remembered long after the parties are over. Remember to pick up several bottles of wine to enjoy or gift from our carefully curated collection of wines —from Asti to Zinfandel, wine is the ribbon of flavor that can truly elevate the dining experience.

History of "Black Friday" Sales
True or False? It started with the crash of the gold market in 1869.
False. While the gold crash did occur, it happened on September 24, 1869 and had nothing to do with retail sales or the holiday season.
True or False? It’s the first day of the year that retailers traditionally earned a profit and ledger entries went from red to black.
False. This is the "marketing spin" that was put on it in the 1980's to capitalize on the gifting season, not the actual genesis.
True or False? Coined by the Philadelphia police force regarding the mayhem which hit their city for the annual Army-Navy game and the fact that no police officer got that day off.
True. In the 1950's the Philadelphia police were overworked and overwhelmed with tourists, shoppers, pickpockets and shoplifters as tourists and suburbanites flocked into the city for the game and shopping.
Get Ready, Get set...for entertaining with vomFASS Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail Pre-mix or mix up a luscious Pay Day Cocktail. Add some sweet spice with Fig Chili Wings and round out the apps with Crispy Brussels with Peanut Miso Sauce!

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