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Thanksgiving is next week! It’s almost the earliest it can be. The wanderer of US holidays, Thanksgiving can appear on our calendar anywhere from November 22-28th. Are you ready?
At vomFASS Madison and DelecTable, we’ve been busy on your behalf. We’ve been tasting wines and pairing foods to help you if you’re hosting. We’ve been creating wonderful hostess gifts to bring so you won’t go empty handed when you’re someone’s guest at this national day of thanking, feasting, and giving.
We’re excited to invite you to our first Holiday Wine Tasting. A feast without wine is like a symphony that's missing some of the instruments  the right wines add an extra touch of magic. Whether you’re a host or a guest, this is a great weekend to come to vomFASS and choose your wines for Thanksgiving (and beyond). While we always have select wines to sample, this Saturday from noon-4pm we’ll also showcase our holiday favorites!
Fine Wines
Picture the clinking of glasses, the rich aroma of a beautiful red, or the crisp notes of a chilled white dancing in the air. Each sip becomes a toast to good company, gratitude, and joy throughout the holidays. Stock up for the holiday season with our case savings of 10% on quantities of 12 bottles or more (mix and match, if you desire!)
Wine has the incredible ability to elevate the dining experience  turning an ordinary meal into a celebration, and a feast into a festival of flavors. The good news is that turkey pairs well with almost all styles of good wine, so that can remove some of your stress from your holiday preparations. As a boutique purveyor of fine wines, you can be assured vomFASS Madison only carries quality wines. Wines you can be proud to serve with your hearty repast.
Looking for Goldilocks
Wines are the companions that enhance the flavors on your plate, like culinary confidantes. They are the friend who whispers, "Hey, try this with that – it's a match made in gastronomic heaven!" While roasted turkey, smoky ham or braised venison may be prominent in many a Thanksgiving ensemble, there is a cast of rich and delicious side dishes to consider. You want wines that are not too bold as to overpower, heavy to weigh you down, or so meek they diminish the flavors you worked so hard to create.
Our Top 4 Picks
Our Thanksgiving feast is a symphony of flavors where turkey takes center stage and side dishes dance in harmony. There’s white and dark meat, sweet and rich yams, tart cranberries, buttery mashed potatoes, stuffing of many varied ingredients, and spiced pumpkin or caramel-y pecan pie—Oh, my! Imagine your taste buds as the audience, eagerly awaiting the perfect performers to take the stage...
The cutain rises, and...
A lot of the elements served at our Thanksgiving Day table tend to be a little sweet and quite rich. Now, enter our wine alchemists, Alumni Pinot
NoirBatú Barbaresco, Ronco di Sassi Primitive-Malbec blend, and the Wisconsin’s own Parallel 44 Petit Pearl Reserve—ready to turn your Thanksgiving meal into a culinary blockbuster.
Let's start with Alumni Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley in Oregon– the charming, versatile artist of the wine world. Much like a graceful dancer, this Pinot Noir effortlessly glides through the various flavors on your plate. Its red berry notes waltz with the roast turkey, creating a delightful duet. The subtle earthiness of Pinot Noir acts like the perfect partner for herb-infused stuffing, making every bite a well-choreographed masterpiece.
Now, let's welcome Batú Barbaresco to the table – the sophisticated Italian maestro. Picture a violin solo weaving through the richness of mashed potatoes and gravy. Barbaresco's soft tannins and red fruit flavors elevate the experience, like a virtuoso performance that leaves you wanting an encore. It's the wine equivalent of adding a touch of Italian flair to your Thanksgiving symphony
Ronco di Sassi Primitivo-Malbec brings the something new to the party with its unique blend of primitivo grapes and malbec for a crescendo of flavors. It's delicious with appetizers and cheese, salty ham, savory venison, and turkey. It’s the lively, energetic friend who knows how to keep the party going. This wine’s robust personality can stand up to the bold flavors of cranberry sauce and the spiciness of sausage in the stuffing. It's like the life of the Thanksgiving party, bringing a burst of excitement and a bit of spice to the festivities.
The Petite Pearl grape, developed in Minnesota, to grow strong and flavorful in the often frosty wine belt of the 44th latitude. Parallel 44 Winery, located on the AVA (American Viticultural Area) of the Wisconsin Ledge, has created the Petite Pearl Reserve wine, its notes of fresh plum and blackberry and lingering notes of mocha in its light tannins. With its well-balanced, round mouthfeel, this light red complements the diverse dishes but also add its own unique notes to your gastronomic composition. 
With any of these wines, the red fruit flavors will mimic the tartness of the cranberry sauce and enhance the autumn spices of clove, allspice, and cinnamon. The light tannins and moderate acidity will pair perfectly with the texture of the turkey and prepare your palate for your next bite. Their subtle earthiness compliments the earth, umami-rich flavor of the mushrooms and gravy.
Let the Feasts Begin
May the wine flow like a river of joy around your buffets and tables. Here's to shared laughter, and the magic that happens when great food meets great wine. Cheers to the perfect pairing and the memories created around the table. After all, every feast truly deserves its own symphony of sips and swirls.

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