Saints Hills Posh

Saints Hills Posh

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The white Pošip grape that gives rise to Saints Hills Posh is native to Croatia. In fact, Saints Hills Pošip vineyard is located where this grape first originated, on the hillsides of Čara on the island of Korčula. Inside ancient Croatian walls the Pošip grapes ferment and mature in large concrete egg-shaped tanks which preserve all the freshness and fruitiness of this wonderful Dalmatian variety to become Posh.

Posh is the ultimate dry white wine for those who enjoy a crisp, refreshing taste. With its range of juicy, Sauvignon Blanc-like flavors with a mineral-rich Chablis-style finish this rich, polished wine offers something for everyone.

With typical peach aromas and an almond aftertaste, it goes well with all white fish dishes and light risottos and pastas. If you're looking for the ultimate pre-dinner treat, crack open a bottle of Posh and pair it with salty olives and some hard cheese! Prepare for a flavor explosion because this wine is the perfect partner, whether enjoying an octopus salad, smoked white fish, crabs, delicate shellfish like scallops, or savoring baked cod with asparagus and capers, Posh has you covered. It is a wine so tasty it can hold it against chicken roasted with butter and herbs or pork chops smothered in a tangy cream sauce. 

Origin: Korkula, Croatia
ABV: 12.5%