Pistachio Elegance

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Simple Sophistication

The best oil extracted from pistachios is a beautiful golden hue with a hint of green, just like a good pistachio. Pistachios are lower in fat than other nuts and seeds, so pistachio oil is more precious. Compared to other nut and seed oils, pistachio oil has a stronger natural nutty flavor, which better captures the essence of the entire nut.       

A dash of vomFASS FassZination Pistachio Oil is a simple way to provide a highly sophisticated rich nuance, or to augment the pistachio level in your culinary creations. There are many ways to enjoy our pure cold-pressed Pistachio Oil—from soups to salads, savory dishes to sweet, coffees to cocktails! In short, its flavor is concentrated and innately delicious and all natural. 

Unique Essence 

What does natural pistachio flavor taste like? Meaty yet sweet! It’s this duality that enables pistachio to blend effortlessly into savory dishes such as roasted vegetables and pastas, yet also perform beautifully as the star flavor in desserts like cakes, ice cream, pastries, and pies.     

While pistachio flavor is great all on its own, it really shines as part of a complex flavor system. Naturally tart fruit flavors such as raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, orange, pineapple, and passionfruit perfectly complement pistachio’s distinctive taste profile. These fruits add fresh top notes and a bright acidity that balances the nutty richness of pistachio. Pistachio flavor also works well with darker notes, such as chocolate, bourbon, espresso, and vanilla bean.

Pistachio Trivia

Cultivated around the world for its unique flavor, aroma, and health benefits, the pistachio has been prized for thousands of years. 

The world's largest producer of pistachios is...
Global production of pistachios sits at around 1 million tons. The United States is the leading producer of pistachios by far with around 40% of global production. After the US, Iran and Turkey are also major producers. They share around 50% of the world’s production of pistachios. Other growers include China, Syria, Madagascar, Tunisia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.ch sip. Those who prefer this wine will enjoy it with salads, cheese, or burgers.

The first commercial pistachio crop from the USA was not harvested until...
Introduced to the USA in 1854 by seed distributor Charles Mason, but the first widespread planting didn't occur until the 1960's. The first commercial crop came out of California in 1976. 
Pistachios have a protein content similar to salmon, four times as much fiber as broccoli and three times as much potassium as a banana.
A pistachio tree can live to be...
Pistachios begin to produce nuts the 4th year after planting, reach good production after 8 years, and full maturity after 15 years. The average yield per tree is 20 pounds at maturity. Pistachio orchards in California can be productive up to 100 years. Trees can live to be 300 years old.
True or False: Pistachio trees come in different sexes...
Pistachios come in male and female trees. To produce nuts, an orchard must have some male trees to pollinate the female ones. Generally, one male tree is planted for every 24 female trees. The pollen is spread by wind.

Seed or Nut?

The pistachio is botanically speaking, a seed, but it's used culinarily as a nut. It is part of the drupe family, which includes cherries, peaches, and mangos! Pistachios grow on trees in grape-like bunches of about 50 fruits each. The pistachio shell is enclosed in the fruit skin and when the pistachio is ripe, the shell opens within that skin with an audible "pop." Hearing that sound is considered a sign of good luck in some cultures. 

Finest Quality

vomFASS FassZination Pistachio Oil is made from select premium pistachio seeds. They are gently roasted, then cold-pressed under strict quality guidelines. The oil passes through a simple paper filter to remove any residual nut particles. Packed at the point of production, this rich extract is protected from oxygen and light until we dispense it at the store for you. This insures you get the highest quality, most flavorful pistachio oil possible.

Its gold and green hue is provided by a significant amount of two carotenoids — lutein and zeaxanthin. This cold-pressed seed oil is highly unsaturated, rich in vitamins and minerals, and particularly rich in the naturally occurring fat-soluble antioxidant Vitamin E. All of which can do a body good, inside and out, while enhancing other healthy dietary choices.

Look, TASTE, Enjoy!

We invite you to come in, explore our vomFASS tasting room and try our premium vomFASS FassZination Pistachio Oil and our other cold pressed nut and seed oils, true extra virgin olive oils, balsamics, and spirits.   

Pistachio Hummus

Pistachio Avocado Toast

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