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Limited Engagement! Strawberry Sass

The liveliest, yet most fleeting flavor in the fruit kingdom may come from locally grown strawberries! These little red bombs of deliciousness pack a punch that’s both sweet and tart, with just the right amount of sass to make your taste buds dance. They’re the ultimate divas of the fruit world, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Picture this: a burst of juiciness that floods your mouth with a tantalizing sweetness. It’s like summer in every bite, with hints of floral notes that whisper promises of sunny days and picnics in the park. But these berries aren’t just about the sweetness—they’ve got a cheeky tartness that keeps things interesting. It’s like a playful wink from Mother Nature herself, reminding you that life’s flavors should always be a bit of a flirt and should be grabbed with gusto while you can, because that local strawberry season is short.

Bursting with Flavor 

Imagine having that burst of flavor all summer long! We have some Great News—vomFASS captures the innate sassiness and transforms it into our uber-popular Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar. This year’s product has freshly arrived to extend your strawberry season!

The fermentation of fruit into wine and then to a vinegar state is nature's way of preserving the essence of the fruit. vomFASS uses the freshest, tastiest strawberries of the season to create this beautiful and flavorful fruit vinegar. Our aromatic, sweet and tangy strawberry balsam will elevate any dish from mundane to fabulous.

You can enjoy our Strawberry Balsam on fresh salads with some vomFASS Pistachio Oil or Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Or drizzle it over garden fresh veggies, a bowl of creamy yogurt or frozen custard, or blend it into a refreshing smoothie. You can jazz up a cocktail, or give those pretty, yet sadly low-on-flavor grocery strawberries some needed pizzazz. 

5 Fast Strawberry Facts

These rambling, rosy, red orbs have a lot of followers! They are the 7th favorite fruit in the US and the 19th favorite worldwide. They are fragile and grow at ground level in their natural habitats, yet over 6 million tons of strawberries are produced each year for commercial purposes. 

The top 5 strawberry producing countries in the world are…(this surprised us)
The global demand for strawberries continues to climb, with China, the United States, and Egypt filling the top three spots for world strawberry production. In the past year, China produced 3,336,690 tons of strawberries. (Data from the FAO report that China has claimed the top spot for strawberry production since 1994.) Coming in second place, the United States produced 1,055,963 tons of strawberries. Egypt just beat Mexico for third place, each producing 597,029 and 557,514 tons of strawberries respectively. Turkey follows close behind with 546,525 tons of strawberries. 

The top strawberry producing states in the US are…(it depends on the season)
Coming in with 90% of the strawberry production in the US is California with its nine-month growing season (all seasons except winter). Florida is #2, with only a five-month growing season; however, FL is the largest producer strawberries in the US during the winter months.
The largest strawberry to date weighed…(prepare to be amazed)
The largest strawberry weighed in at 10.2 oz (0.64 lbs)in 2021. It was 7 inches long and had a circumference of 13 inches. It was an Elon variety grown in Israel.
The three top fresh strawberry exporters are… 
Mexico: US$833 million (24.6% of exported fresh strawberries)
Spain: $733.2 million (21.7%)
United States: $595.9 million (17.6%)
True or False: Strawberries are one of the true fruits...
By definition all fruits have their seed inside the fruit. Since strawberries wear their seeds on their outsides, they are in a small botanical classificaion of "fruit aggrigates" and not a true fruit. (Who cares? They are delicious!)

Red (not) Ripe

Locally grown strawberries often taste better than strawberries purchased from grocery stores. Because they don’t have to be shipped as far, these strawberries can be grown for improved flavor characteristics and harvested closer to peak ripeness. It is a fact that once removed from its parent plant, a strawberry cannot ripen further.

Strawberries shipped long distances are harvested a few days before they are fully ripe. It is during that final ripening stage when most of the flavor is developed in the strawberry. When exposed to ethylene gas, these under-ripe strawberries will develop their red color, but will not be any more ripe than when they were picked.

Sadly, the practice of gassing strawberries for color is an acceptable practice even for organic strawberries. They may be red on the outside, but the white core in the middle means they were picked before they were actually ripe. A ripe strawberry will have a red color throughout, even at its core. 

🍓Top Crop Strawberry Balsamic🍓

In making our Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar, vomFASS can choose highly aromatic strawberries harvested near our vinegary. This flavor, preserved by fermentation, is packaged so all its deliciousness is retained. The first time it is exposed to oxygen or light is when we dispense it into your bottle at the store.

This is also why our quantities of this product are limited. Make sure you get your taste/bottle/refill ASAP!  We look forward to seeing you this weekend or filling your online orders. Please follow this link to make sure you order from our vomFASS Madison store.

Red, White & Blue Salad

Strawberry Basil G&T

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