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Summer's Blush

It’s the season of bright days and beautiful, rose-hued sunsets. If Bourbon is the smoldering bad-boy of summer, then Rosé is the good-time, fun-loving friend everyone wants to be around. 

When the sun is shining and the days are long, not many people need an excuse to open a fresh bottle of rosé wine. It’s the perfect time to get your pink on! The delicate, refreshing flavors of this wine stimulate your tastebuds without weighing them down. You can enjoy a glass of lovely rosé while lounging at the waters edge just as much as you can while dining al fresco. Whether you prefer it still or bubblylight pink or deep rose, a rosé is the ultimate summer sipper.

Not Only Pretty

Rosés of today are vibrant and juicy with flavors evocative of summer. They can be dry on the palate and yet sweet to the nose, and vary from light and crisp to fruity and bold. Finding one that fits your palate and the occasion will be fun! We’ve given you a guide below, but tasting is really the best way.

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Rosé Profiles and Pairings Guide

Julia Childs said, “Rosés can be served with anything.” That having been said, the subtle differences in rosés make a big difference in preferences and what you can or should enjoy it with.

Light Rosé: This flavor profile of these rosés is considered...the most versatile of all. These pale, pink-colored rosé wines usually have mint, grapefruit, or strawberry flavors you can taste with each sip. Those who prefer this wine will enjoy it with salads, cheese, or burgers.
Light, Medium, Floral Rosé: A few shades darker than... light rosé, this flavor profile gives off an almost orange tone. Commonly associated with cherry, rose petals, and herbal flavors, enthusiasts of light medium rosé can pair this wine with grilled meats like lamb, pork, or even shellfish.
Medium, Full, and Round Rosé: This wine hints at... raspberry, hibiscus, and white pepper flavors. Typically the color of this rosé begins to turn towards the darker end of the spectrum, but not the darkest it can get. Grilled chicken, pork, veggies, or salads pair well with this.
Full, Rich, and Savory Rosé: When enjoying darker... nearly red-colored rosé varieties, you’ll taste flavors like berry jam, bell peppers, or black peppers. This flavor profile goes hand in hand with BBQ-sauced foods, grilled ribeye, and even pizza!

Achieving the Perfect Pink!

Rosés are red wines made like white wines. The characteristic color of rosé wines is obtained by the time the grape juice spends in contact with the grape skins—anywhere from 2 to 24 hours. In rosé wines with a more intense and characteristic ‘raspberry pink’ color, the juice has spent more time with the skins than in the case of paler rosé wines. This contact time opens an immense range of nuances of flavors as well as color.

Other factors to consider include the color of the grapes and the climate. Pale grapes like pinot noir, grenache and cinsault typically result in lighter-colored wines. Cool climates give paler wines than sunnier, warmer ones. Rosés tend be on the lower alcohol content side of wine. Usually sold in clear glass to show off their pretty colors, rosés should be stored away from UV light. 

Enjoy Now

Everyone enjoys the freedom of summer days. However, whether pale and sophisticated, or 'loud pink', fruity and frivolous, most rosés are made to be drunk young; they’re fresh and lively with crisp acidity. The most interesting ones reveal an extra edge of complexity, balance and finesse which is derived from both terroir and winemaking. Rosés provide flavor and acidity for pairing with (or in!) food while keeping alcohol levels low. If serving several courses, still and sparkling rosés can be served before and at different stages of the meal. See the new recipes below. 
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Strawberry Frosé

Summer Pasta with Rosé & Tomatoes

Honey Garlic Shrimp with Corn, Avocado & Bacon Salad

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