Six Spring Health Hacks

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Spring Cleaning
This week we sprang forward; next week it’s officially spring. The days are definitely getting longer and the sun’s a bit brighter. While it’s not balmy breezes and mai-tai’s yet, the time to peel off our sweaters is on the horizon.
Move over Winter, Spring's here and Summer's coming!
Spring, Mother Earth's annual season of renewal, is perfect for some spring cleaning, from our closets to our eating choices. It’s a great time to move our meals from the heavier, warmth-inducing styles of winter to lighter, yet still warming food preparations. We can get a fresh start, make some healthy food swaps and get our bodies geared for their summer reveal. Fortunately, our flavorful vomFASS oils and vinegars help make these transitions easy and delicious!
Enjoy 6 Simple Spring Health Hacks... 
Increase your Veggies
They're colorful, low in calories, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and can help prevent heart disease. What's not to love? Make vegetables the star at dinnertime: start with veggies you have on hand or what looks good at the market, add a protein and starch, and you're set. Try a sheet pan recipe or an easy week-day meal.
Apply More Flavor, less salt
According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, you can lower your risk of heart disease by up to 9% by reducing your sodium intake by 1000mg/day. Use a squirt of lemon or a dash of vomFASS specialty vinegars they give the same zip and depth of flavor to your food. Season with a little wine or low-sodium chicken, vegetable, or beef stock. Spices and fresh herbs are great ways to add tons of flavor to a dish without needing to use as much salt.
Healthy Fats
Eaten in moderation, some high-fat foods  – think high quality  vomFASS olive and nut/seed oils avocados, and dark chocolate  are super good for you. Experts at the Harvard School of Public Health say eating more of them can help curb cravings for processed carbs. Drizzle some healthy plant-based oils instead of using cream in your soups (see Rich Asparagus Bisque) and whip up a batch of guacamole now and then.
Whole Grains and Legumes
Eating more whole grains and beans may help you live longer by reducing your risk of cancer, heart disease and premature death from other causes, according to two large review studies in 2016. Whole grains and beans are rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, B vitamins, potassium, iron, folate, and other vitamins and minerals. And they are practically free of saturated fat and contain zero cholesterol. Each week, try one new-to-you grain such as quinoa, amaranth or wild rice; or legume such as fava beans or caviar lentils. Plan some meatless Mondays with recipes like this Simple Spinach Saag and brown rice.
Substitute Fruits for Sugar
Sodas and packaged foods are often loaded with added sugars. The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugars (less than 6/9 teaspoons/day for women/men). When you want a sweet treat, reach for fruit. If you want a soda, try a soda spritzer with a spoonful of one of vomFASS fruit balsamic vinegars!
More Home Cooking
Unless you have reservations at DelecTable, dine in more and save on calories, sodium, and money. Use fresh ingredients and boost flavor with herbs and spices rather than salt. High quality ingredients like vomFASS oils and vinegars can give your homemade meals chef-like specialty flavors. Bonus: You control the portion size, too.
Palate Pleasing Assists
Looking for some culinary creativity? Visit vomFASS-Madison or check out the recipes below. Our store is open daily for tastings. One of our talented associates would be happy to help you select a tasty combination for your dining pleasure.

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