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Wonderful World of Whiskies
Travel the world with Dad this Father’s Day. Voyage together across oceans, misty moors, and blue-tinged mountain ranges, while tasting unique expressions of worldly whiskies. Find out what Dad really likes to put in his glass as you explore different Bourbons, Irish Whiskies, Scotches, and other whiskies from around the world at vomFASS-Madison. Complimentary whisk(e)y tastings are available every day.*
Discover what whiskies of the world have in common, and where they diverge. With our exceptional Look-Taste-Enjoy policy, our products are available for tasting prior to purchase. Whether Dad likes it straight, on the rocks or in a cocktail, with over 25 whiskey products and gift sets, we’re sure our helpful tour guides will help him find the right one(s) to appeal to his palate (and yours).
The Present of your Presence
A whiskey tasting at vomFASS can give Dad more than one gift—it's a shared memory, an opportunity to learn, not to mention a boost to his happiness, well-being, and feelings of self-worth (yes, even fathers can use the ego boost of their offspring wanting to be around them)!
Delve into the flavors, exchange opinions and impressions, find what likes you have in common and discuss the differences. Bonding is easy in the woody aroma of whiskey, as souls are soothed and spirits unite (yes, Dad-pun intended).  Gift cards are available in-store and online if yours is a long distance relationship. 
The Allure of Whiskey
Whiskey is versatile. It’s just as welcome in venues with class and sophistication as it is in a country bar. It’s the perfect drink for a special occasion or a night out. Whether you’re enjoying it in a fancy bar or in the comfort of your home, whiskey always seems to make things feel just a little more special. It’s a drink you can savor with close friends, or enjoy while making new friends at your local pub. And there are quite a number of ways to enjoy whiskey: You can drink it neat, on the rocks, or mix it into an Old Fashioned (or modern!) cocktail.

Whiskey is the perfect drink for kicking back and relaxing. The good thing is that you do not need to be a connoisseur to enjoy it. All you need is a glass and a bottle of your favorite whiskey or whiskey cocktail liqueur.
Tasting vs. Drinking
There is a difference! We invite you to slow down and savor, to learn new things about your Dad, yourself, and what the Irish called uisce beatha—the water of life. Here's a how-to guide to get the most out of your whiskey tastings:
begin the discovery by looking at the color, clarity, and viscosity of whiskey. Depending on the type of barrel and how long the whiskey has aged, the spirit can range in color from pale taupe, to amber, to a deep nutty brown. A higher viscosity (the thickness of a spirit) provides an idea of alcohol content and mouth feel of this liquid luxury.
Sniff, don’t snort. Take your time and gently smell the whiskey from the top of the glass with your mouth slightly open (rapid, big snorts will only get you alcohol vapors). Observe the fruit and floral aromas with the first smell. Next turn the glass to find additional aromas of spice, malt, and yeast. Experiment with taking the glass away from your nose several times and you will notice the grains used in the whiskey, and the wide array of aromas from the aging process including oak, spice, smoke, and honey.
Let it roll...
Sip, don’t shoot. Put a small amount of whiskey on your tongue and let it roll over all parts. You should hold the whiskey in your mouth for at least 30 seconds to observe all the flavors in your mouth.
Once you have swallowed the whiskey, you’ll note the finish. The finish refers to the flavors that linger, evolve, and then fade away. Some whiskies linger longer, while others have a shorter burst of flavors.
Make sure you taste a sample a few times to account for all the complexity that went into the spirit. 
Plan your next Tasting
Tasting the whiskies of the world is not a one-time event.
Exploring the world of whiskies is a journey of discovering new flavors, regions, and distilleries, allowing you to appreciate the artistry and diversity within this lovely amber spirit. From Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Sweden to America and beyond to Japan and India, our carefully curated whiskey collections make it easy to explore the world of whiskey from the convenience of your local vomFASS tasting room in Madison, WI.
The world wasn’t created in a day; likewise, the world of whiskies cannot be explored in a day. So, as you get your bottle(s) to take home and enjoy, set a date to come back and explore more at vomFASS-Madison, or enjoy a dinner together at our sister restaurant, DelecTable.
*Must be 21 or over to participate in sampling or purchase of products containing alcohol. Proof of age required.

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