Spring Cocktails

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Spring Flings!
The first hint of flowers blooming in the moderately warm weather feels like a well-earned prize after weeks of cold weather, which stopped being cute after February. As with most of the finer things in life, warm weather calls for a drink. The change that’s in the air even applies to cocktails. 
Spirit-ual Renewal
Spring is a season of new beginnings and fresh flavors, making it a perfect time to put a spring in your cocktail repertoire. Let’s toast the arrival of tulips, cherry blossoms, and seasonal produce with a batch of Spring cocktails. Here’s looking at you, ramps and rhubarb! Creating refreshing and seasonal cocktails is easy with these simple tips... 
Incorporate fresh fruits and herbs

Spring is the season of fresh produce, so use seasonal fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and apricots into your cocktails. Fresh herbs like mint, basil, and thyme can also add a bright and herbaceous flavor to drinks.

Play with florals and colors 
Spring is associated with flowers blooming in pastel and bright colors. Colorful ingredients like fresh berries or edible flowers will make your cocktails visually appealing. Add vomFASS Lavender Liqueur to our Finest Alpine Gin with tonic for a G&T with a floral twist.

Experiment with lighter spirits
Spring is a time for lighter, fresher flavors, so try incorporating spirits like gin, vodka, or rum that pair well with lighter mixers like citrus and club soda.

Create seasonal twists on classic cocktails
Put a springtime twist on classic cocktails such as margaritas by adding fresh strawberries and basil with vomFASS craft-distilled organic tequilas.  

Serve refreshing mocktails
Not everyone drinks alcohol, so create a selection of refreshing mocktails using vomFASS Calamansi, Blueberry, Wild Mango Star and Forest Raspberry Star Balsamics and soda. Garnish with seasonal ingredients like fresh citrus, berries, and herbs.

Celebrate the Season
We’ve infused these tips into some spring-y new cocktail recipes below. With a quick trip to vomFASS you can create a fresh and easy spin on cocktails, that will put a spring in your step all season long.
🥂 Signature Cocktails 🥂
Are you looking for the perfect cocktail for your wedding or event? We have a whole host of ideas! Give us a call and set up a time to meet with our creative team. We’ll customize a celebratory signature libation specifically for you.
See a recipe you think someone would enjoy? Please feel free to pass it on to friends you think might enjoy the information.

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