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Sparkling Days

Bubbles are in and the perfect addition to bright summer days! Sparkling wine is more than just a celebratory drink to be pulled out at special events. A glass of bubbly is perfect with foods like sushi, shellfish and other seafood. The acidity pairs well with summer fare and the bubbles are downright refreshing! You can grab a slightly sweeter version to pair with desserts.

Sparkling wines are made and enjoyed around the world and year-round, tingling your taste buds and nose with their tiny bubbles of joy. Stock up at vomFASS Madison with your favorite sparklers and save 10% this Saturday. We carry traditional as well as modern sparkling wines—to enjoy as is, or partnered in summer cocktails..

2024 Summer Trends

The trend we are seeing everywhere is variations on the classic spritz! The original spritz was made in Italy in 1800’s and was composed of sparkling white or red wine and diluted with water. Over the years, spritz recipes evolved to a drink prepared with sparkling wine, a liqueur (with or without bitters, depending on the liqueur), and topped off with a dash of sparkling mineral water or club soda. This year, the Hugo Spritz, made with Elderflower Liqueur and bright fresh lime, is expected to be the top spritz contender (see online recipes below 👇👇👇). 

Hip bartenders are leaning into spritzes with fresh flavors, incorporating lots of fresh tropical fruits. Once again, vomFASS is ahead of the trend with our Calamansi Elderflower and Mango Mint fruit shrubs. Made with fair trade calamansi and exotic Carabao mango, pure cane sugar and agave syrup, these shrubs are the perfect summer additions to your bubbly spritzers, or with straight sparkling water for a wonderful zero-alcohol bevvy. Serve them with ice in a wine, rocks or collins glass and garnish liberally!

Easy Entertaining

People gravitate towards bubbly beverages that are lower in alcohol in the summer. As outdoor gatherings and opportunities to day drink become more common in the summer, spritzes are an easy way to drink and not overindulge. The clean flavors of vomFASS liqueurs and natural fruit balsamics and shrubs make entertaining a breeze, when paired with an array of sparkling wines. Set up a self-serve Bubbly Bar (top photo). It’s as easy as setting out the chilled wines, sparkling water, ice, liqueurs, glasses, garnishes, and then letting guests choose their favorites!

May we suggest:
vomFASS Elderflower Liqueur
vomFASS Blood Orange Liqueur with...a fresh basil leaf.
vomFASS Pink Grapefruit Liqueur with...a grapefruit rind twist.
vomFASS Black Currant Liqueur with...blackberry or raspberry garnish
vomFASS Wild Rose Liqueur with...a rose petal.

Fruit Balsamics

vomFASS produces all our fruit balsamics in-house at our corporate vinegary in Germany. Fresh fruit is pressed, made into wine and taken to a vinegar state. Once it is produced, it is packaged and protected from oxygen and light until we dispense it for you at the store level. This allows for the fresh, balanced, clean flavors our customers can depend on. It also makes them, by definition, a great fruit shrub, perfect for a refreshing natural, low sugar summer soda when mixed with sparkling water or a wonderful addition to many cocktails and mocktails.

Summer Stock Up

We are open for tastings daily. Come in and select a few of tasty fruit balsamics for your summer enjoyment and stock up on sparkling wines for your summer spritzers. 

Hugo Spritz

Mango Mint Spritzer

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