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Now Accepting Applications 
vomFASS Madison has been described as a playground for your tastebuds. Once you’ve been to our store, you understand pleasure of exploring the abounding flavors in our artisanal oils, vinegars, and spirits, and the ways this bounty transforms your meals and enhances your cocktails.
The one thing that may surpass a visit to vomFASS Madison is actually being a part of our team! We want to expand our band of merry elves for the holidays and beyond.
Connection with Like Minds
Do you have a discerning palate and a strong preference for high-quality, fresh, and artisanal ingredients? Do you appreciate well-crafted and well-prepared dishes? Interacting with customers who share a passion for quality food can be immensely rewarding. Building relationships with like-minded individuals who appreciate and value your products can bring a wonderful sense of camaraderie and connection.
Got a busy schedule, but love great food? Good news, we’re looking for people with flexible hours!
Deliciousness Shared
To be honest, we’re looking for people who like to learn about high quality products and how to use them in everyday life; people who enjoy introducing great food to others and helping them enhance their home meals. Sharing knowledge about the origin, preparation, and unique qualities of these products is a source of pride and joy for us and our staff. If you can get a sample on a spoon, the products practically sell themselves.
Our search is not imited to any specific background, age, or profession. Anyone with a deep interest in and passion for foods and spirits can be considered.
Comments from the Team
(Check out some of our favorite recipes below and make sure to catch Toni's each week on our Facebook page)
Culinary Guide
It is a genuine pleasure to represent products of such high caliber and with such diversity. I don't think of myself so much as a sales person, but more of a culinary guide.  Introducing people to this product line is always an adventure and reconnecting with returning customers and discussing their culinary journey is always a delight.—Toni
Creative Camaraderie
What started out as helping a friend during the holidays has turned into an enjoyable annual gig with a great group of people. I like talking recipes and introducing customers to new products, as well as coming up with ideas for cocktails and meals. The opportunity to be creative, making pretty packages and seeing them appreciated by customers in a fun, positive environment is so enjoyable.—Jill (Favorite Recipe: Raspberry Brownies)
Foodie Scene
Working at vomFASS over the years has been a great way to keep my fingers on the pulse of the nouveau food happenings as well as being an integral part of Madison, WI. Learning and teaching something new every day is exciting and satisfying; not to mention, DELICIOUS!—Tami (Favorite Recipe: Smoky Green Beans)
The WOW Moments
I started as a customer who wanted my friends to enjoy these amazing products as much as I did. It gave me great delight when they’d taste the products, their eyes would grow big, and then the “Wow!” would come. I wanted to be a part of a business where people take home high quality products and make healthy meals and salads for their families that their kids would eat—not just push around their plate. Over my 15 years with vomFASS, I realize many customers enjoy the rush of hearing the WOW. I know I still do!–Alayne (Favorite Recipe: Easy Caprese Salad)
Good Times and Opportunities
Food has the power to bring people together, create memorable experiences, and bring happiness. There is immense satisfaction in facilitating this pleasure. We combine this positive energy with high-quality food products that prioritize sustainability, producer relationships and ethical practices, to add an extra layer of joy and purpose at vomFASS Madison. This is an opportunity for you to indulge your passion, connect with like-minded individuals, and share the pleasure of exceptional culinary experiences with others. It's not just a business; it's a way of life and a form of artistic expression.
Join our team at vomFASS Madison and enjoy generous employee discounts, saving time and money at this one-stop shopping experience.
Please send completed application (and resumé when possible) to

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