Simple-y Old Fashioned

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Simple-y Old Fashioned

Do you watch football at your favorite bar because they serve you a “really good” Old Fashioned cocktail that you don't have to make? Have you looked at this weekend's frigid forecast??? You can enjoy the game safe and warm at home with a great, small batch, craft distilled Old Fashioned cocktail from vomFASS. Just open the bottle, pour over ice, and serve.

The vomFASS Old Fashioned is perfect for those who want a good cocktail without all the muddling about. Whether you're enjoying the playoffs  💚💛🏉 💛💚 at home, playing in the snow or enjoying the tranquilty at a cabin, make sure you have some for yourself and some to to share. Place your order online to reserve your bottles for in-store pickup before the game on Saturday!

New Fangled Old Fashioned

The Wisconsin-style Old Fashioned, with its muddled cherries, oranges, and lemon-lime/ soda topping, is a bit fancier than the original formula. The original recipe called for four simple ingredients: spirits, sugar, bitters, and water. The bitters and sugar cube, muddled with a dash of water and topped with the spirit of choice, was referred to as the “bittered sling.” Acceptable spirits included whiskey, bourbon, brandy, rum, and gin. Today’s Old Fashioned cocktail usually contains bourbon, rye or brandy. And, it is purported to be the most often ordered cocktail in the world. 

Upscale Muddlin'

vomFASS Madison is also perfect if you enjoy your muddling. Take your Old Fashioned to new Wisconsin heights with our craft distilled vomFASS Apple Brandy, locally made with Wisconsin grown apple and some Traverse City Premium Cocktail Cherries! 

Cocktail Evolution

For almost as long as people have been drinking alcohol, they’ve been mixing their drinks. Blending honey and spices into wild fermented beverages made them more palatable. Other more recent developments have led to what is now a multi-billion dollar industry...

Artificial carbonation (soda) was created in...1767
Refrigeration arrived on the scene around...1803.
The word "cocktail" was first defined as... a “potent concoction of spirits, bitters, water, and sugar” in 1806.
Continuous distillation which allowed for... mass production of good quality spirits was invented in 1826.
The oldest printed cocktail... recipe dates from 1831.
Creativity of modern mixology first flourished in the... mid-1800’s.
The old fashioned, less complex cocktails grew in popularity and the Whiskey Cocktail became known as the Old Fashioned in... the latter portion of 1800’s as drinkers yearned for “simpler times and simpler drinks.”

Ice, Ice, Baby

One of the most important elements in the development of the modern cocktail was the development of commercially available ice. Ice is absolutely critical to the contemporary drink. It doesn’t just chill the blend  it dilutes it, melds the flavors, and soothes rough edges in a way that water cannot. Good quality ice can transport a drink to the next level.

That having been said, there is little wrong with a good Old Fashioned Snow Slushy! We might as well have fun with the hand that we’ve been dealt! Stick your vomFASS Brandy Old Fashioned bottle in a snowbank as you scoop up some (clean!) snow in your glass, pour, stir, and enjoy a vomFASS Old Fashioned weekend! 

Original Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail

Wisco Old Fashioned



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