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Clean Slate

We have the opportunity to review, renew, and recharge as we welcome 2024. Trends in health care have become more high-tech, with biometric wearables and mindful digital guides, virtual wellness retreats, personalized DNA diets, and mental health apps. Everywhere you look, someone is willing to tell you ALL the things a person needs to do to be better. It can be overwhelming. 

Eating Clean

Let's make it less intimidating.

Focus on starting a new habit, rather than quitting an old one. Small changes can make it easier to incorporate healthy habits into your routine. Many nutritionists recommend starting with substituting fresh vegetables and fruits in place of less healthy snacks.

At vomFASS Madison, we are proud to offer our customers oils and vinegars from small producers who use sustainable farming practices. We have clean ingredient lines and natural ingredients. Our fruit vinegars are naturally fermented from the actual fruits, not base vinegars infused with some sort of flavoring. Starting with a high-quality vomFASS oil is a great way to sear flavor into meats and vegetables. We specialize in products that turn simple components into a sublime experience!

Less is More

Replacing processed foods with more real (single ingredient) foods is a great start. It can be as simple as using a tasty vomFASS oil and vinegar to dress your salad rather than a processed salad dressing. Or, making one (or one more) meal a week from scratch. Stews and soups make it easy to incorporate more veggies into meals and make dinnertime flexible and easy to serve. Check out the recipe below.

It's may be hard to make everything from scratch. So, when you do buy packaged food, read the ingredient list, and select products with less than five real food ingredients (that you can pronounce) and no chemicals. The more your food is processed, the more likely nutrients are taken from the food, so you’re left feeling unsatisfied (and nutritionally depleted!).

Organic Choices

Producing and buying everything organically would be ideal. However, it may not be affordable for all. When deciding whether you will purchase organic or non-organic, focus on buying organic for the items that contain the highest amount of pesticide residue. That list can be found below or under the Environmental Working Groups (EWG) Dirty Dozen List* (which is updated yearly).

Planet Fitness

Mother Nature likes to keep fit, too. Since its inception, vomFASS has encouraged the use of glass vessels to store our products as a healthy and environmentally friendly choice, because of its non-reactive nature and recyclability. Glass does not leach harmful chemicals into food or beverages. It is durable and has a longer lifespan compared to other products. And, while glass is highly recyclable, at vomFASS Madison, we promote the very green practice of re-using  not just recycling  as a means to mitigate the energy it takes to recycle. Bring your clean dry bottles in and fill them up with vomFASS products to enjoy at home (or pick up an extra for your office).

Savory Beef Stew

*Dirty Dozen 2023*
Kale, Mustard, Collard Greens
Peppers, Bell & Hot
Green Beans

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