Fine Bourbon Set

Fine Bourbon Set

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To whiskey lovers, bourbon is the greatest contribution America has made to the world. This trio of small batch bourbons spans the unique tastes and takes on this most American of spirits; from Kentucky Two Georges High Corn Bourbon; Two Georges Wheat Bourbon; and Madison’s own Northern Plains Bourbon Whiskey. Much more than a sampler, this trio represents America in a glass.

Northern Plains Bourbon Whiskey (40% abv. Madison, WI) This artisan distilled Bourbon is a special blend made for vomFASS of American whiskey and selected Kentucky Bourbons, that have been carefully blended then matured for an 3 additional years in new, charred southern oak barrels. This unique blend offers lovely radiant flavors and a fine traditional finish. Great neat or in fine Whiskey cocktails.

Two Georges High Corn Bourbon (40% abv. Kentucky) Hailing from the bourbon capital of the world, this high corn style of Kentucky bourbon is the first release in a series of privately labeled American whiskies. Hand- selected by vomFASS for its unique qualities and mash bill, this bourbon is sweet and savory due to the high percentage of corn used in its production. This whiskey can be enjoyed neat or over ice, but it is equally suited for your favorite bourbon cocktail.

Two Georges High Wheat Bourbon (40% abv. Kentucky) This wheated bourbon has been expertly aged in a new charred American White Oak barrel. The addition of wheat in this bourbon's mashbill in place of the rye grain lends this bourbon a crisp and earthy grassy undertone that is heavily sought after by devotees of the "wheaters". This expression showcases an excellent whiskey that con be consumed neat or slightly chilled with a single ice cube.

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