Fruit Balsamic Set

Fruit Balsamic Set

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This 8 piece set includes a tempting variety of internationally renowned and award winning vomFASS fruited vinegars. These vinegars are the ideal choice for a panoply of vinaigrettes and bring just the right hint of brightness to sauces, roasted vegetables and homemade condiments. This wide variety encourages culinary adventures!

Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar For lettuce and fruit salad as well as for sauces and meat dishes. Enjoy the enriched flavor of this balsamic specialty also as an alcohol-free aperitif or add a dash of it to mineral water.

Mango Balsamic Vinegar Just ripe mangos of the "Carabao" variety are prepared into an unrivaled puree. The rich high quality fruit puree is then created into our fine fruit vinegar. Use Mango Balsamic for salad dressings, for marinades and dessert sauces.

Calamansi Balsamic Vinegar Created from a small citrus fruit native to the Philippines, this incredible vinegar specialty tastes like a complex lemon juice with hints of tangerine and mint. Incomparable when used to enhance seafood or fish dishes, salads or just added to sparkling water.

Grape with Ginger and Lemon Balsamic Vinegar Ideal for marinating or adding flavor to fish and poultry. Use sparingly in green salads. Our tip: Fresh cucumber salad with Ginger-Grape and Lemon Balsamic, seasoned with a touch of salt and white pepper. Tastes a bit like ginger-ale when added to mineral water— try it as a digestif!

Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar Bursting with ripe pomegranate flavor and a slight acidity, this is the perfect vinegar for summer salads. Try it mixed with our Styrian Pumpkin Seed oil from Austria as a dressing for high-protein salads including quinoa, nuts, or grains.

Quince Balsamic Vinegar Made from a fruit similar to apples and pears. Quince Balsamic has a unique flavor that pairs well with citrus-infused olive oils. Exquisite when combined with pine nuts, pistachio or sunflower oil over leafy salad greens.

Apple Balsamic Vinegar A vomFASS pride and joy, this oak-aged apple vinegar is made from fresh, locally grown apples grown near the small village of Waldburg, Germany. Use on salads or to flavor a glass of water, or reduce and use as a glaze for pork and enjoy the ripe apple flavor it provides!

Grape Balsamic Vinegar Mild and fruity, full of the natural flavor of perfectly ripened grape. This fine fruit vinegar is best on salads with fruit and nuts. We also enjoy this vinegar as a marinade for port or chicken– especially when combined with vomFASS Almond Oil.